Our History

This history section is dedicated to take you behind the scene and present you with the history behind Champagne Moments. Each year we will add a new section highlighting the most memorable experiences from that year. Champagne Moments was founded with the goal to celebrate that…

Life is a series of champagne moments



Champagne Moments was founded back in 2014 on Instagram by the founder Jesper Sandberg. The idea was to inspire and share a daily champagne moment. In the beginning, it was hard to gain attention and it took almost a year before we reached the first 1000 followers.



In 2015 Champagne Moments began to get more attention from like-minded champagne lovers worldwide, and the community on Instagram grew from around 1000 followers at the beginning of January 2015 to over 14.000 followers by the end of December 2015. This growth started my imagination of what Champagne Moments could be in the future “The biggest community for champagne”.



We thought we saw growth in 2015 but nothing compared with 2016 where the community grew from 15.000 at the beginning of January to over 49.000 followers by the end of December. In the last quarter of 2016, my brother Ulrik decided to join the company to help realize the vision. We launched the first version of our website at the end of 2016. The goal was to expand the community and begin to collaborate with champagne brands and other stakeholders.



2017 was an extraordinary year with many victories and unforgettable moments! The first of January we beat our engagement record when a bathtub filled with Dom PĂ©rignon received 5.235 likes within 24 hours, a record which took us four months to beat. Likewise, we also reached another important milestone that month, 1000 Champagne Moments. 2017 was also the year we launched our unique bubble poster collections that were sold for a short period. Not to forget the trip to Monaco with G.H. Mumm where we saw the Monaco E-Prix and experienced their new champagne, Mumm Grand Cordon. Through this year we experienced dropping growth rates compared to 2015 and 2016. These changes forced us to think differently about the company which gave birth to the launch of the Champagne Moments BETA App in September.

to be continued...